Chris Jordan-Bloch is a filmmaker and photographer in Oakland, CA

Director  Photographer  Editor


Chris Jordan-Bloch is a filmmaker and photographer in Oakland, CA

Director  Photographer  Editor


The story of a town who discovered strength in unity and turned the tables on the powerful oil & gas industry. (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

Daily Life

A portfolio of the people, places and moments that I have had the privilege of documenting.

A Line in the sand

The coal industry dumped their pollution on small community thinking no one would notice. They were wrong. (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)


A portfolio of people - some wonderful, some mysterious, all interesting - who have allowed me to take their picture.

An Ill Wind

It starts with a warning, then its just a matter of which the way the wind blows. (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

A Hero Doesn't Get Used to This

A portrait of Larry Gibson - environmental hero and mountain top removal fighter. (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

my friend rudy

A story of some photos and the friendship they helped create.  (Photography, Words)


A local youth pastor feels God is opening a door for him as he pursues his dream of becoming a cage fighter. (Director, Photography, Audio, Editor)

A Leader Lost

A photographic essay about the murder of 21-year-old Fairfield City Councilman Matt Garcia and the community and people that were forever changed by his life and death


A small community was promised a recreational dream. Instead they got a toxic nightmare.  (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

Scenes from a Recession

A Photographic essay about the great recession and its impact on the people of California

Even Walls Make a Difference

On May 1, 2009, in the midst of the deepest recession in a generation, the Fairfield-Suisun School Board voted to close four schools and layoff more than 80 teachers. It was a local impact of a national problem. (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)